Customising task list in calendar view to display additional fields

When viewing the task list in calendar view (for e.g. - http://localhost:8080/app/task/view/calendar/default), the task subject, expected start date and expected end date are displayed by default.

However, I would like to display additional information in this calendar view - such as the person the task is assigned to as also any custom fields I might add.

I do not see a way of doing this. Can someone provide some guideline? Relative newbie here.


Just reaching out to the community again. Is there a way to customise the task list in calendar view to add additional standard fields and custom fields? And can I add fields from the Project the task is associated with, such as the Project ID?

Hi @dntrplytch:

There are different ways to achieve this:

  1. Light customization
    Customize task doctype, adding a new field (Custom subject). You can even hide it. Use a client script to fill the custom subject field with your project data … Then, create a calendar view (search on awesome bar). Use your custom subject field.

  2. Via code
    Override task_calendar.js and get_events on backend method . Best way is creating a custom app instead modifying base code directly.

Check this:

Hope this helps.