Customization in Stock Entry and Production Order


I’m using ERPNext for Manufacturing industry.

In manufacturing there are various stages:

Here I’m mentioning major stages:

  1. A mixture of Raw Material and after sometime generate approx 300Kg weight wooden or plastic sheet. Final Weight is not fixed sometime it will produce 290kg with same materials based on heating, moisture and other temperature factors affect.

  2. Cutting process.
    A manual process by a worker to cut a sheet in a roll, Approx item weight should around 30kg, but due to a manual cutting process item weight might vary. may 28-29 kg or 31-32 kg. Every roll has a unique ID like a serial number.

My questions are below:

  1. Should I use multi-level BOM or single level BOM with all operation?
  2. All roll will sell based on item weight. completion of production order, while stock entry, how can I enter different weight with same item code? or should i use item variant ?

Can any one help me out? Your valuable feedback will highly appreciate.

I need functional guidance. Can any one help me out?

@umair You may have answer for this.

I don’t think you need multi-level BOM - that would normally be used if you had a sub-assembly which is also a BOM.
eg. If a car has a chassis, body, engine and gearbox, the gearbox and engine etc could be sub-assemblies

Thanks @trentmu,

What about Weight based Stock entry?

Here weight of item not fixed and each roll has serial no.

I don’t know exactly, and you’ll probably have to experiment, but in your case, I would consider creating a 2/3-part serial number, which has a manually entered weight
eg. roll#-cut#-manualKG
You would have to do some customisation for this using a naming series. Unfortunately I don’t know how to do this myself, so I cannot offer advice on the how-to part here, just the idea. I’m sure someone on the forum will be able to explain the how-to if the idea makes sense for you.

Thanks @trentmu