Customization of Item Field

I create Custom field called “Specification” under both Module:

  1. Opportunity Item
  2. Quotation Item

I try to simulate the option of “Get Item” under Quotation by linking both Opportunity item and Quotation item details but fail to extract the data from Opportunity.

My setup as per below:

Opportunity Item
Type: Data
Name: Specification
Options: Opportunity

Quotation Item
Type: Data (I try to change to link but fail to do so as system do not allow me to change the type)
Name: Specification
Options: Opportunity (As I try to get the data from Opportunity. I try to change to Opportunity Item as well but also fail)

Kindly advise

Hi @Muhammad_Arif_Bin_Az ! Replicated your usecase in ERPNext: v7.2.3 and it was working fine. Just make sure that the fieldname spelling is exactly the same as well as field type. Also, no need to put in Options for fieldtype Data. May we know what version you are using? Can you also try the “Make” functionality in Opportunity instead of getting items from Quotation?


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I’m using v7.2.3. Thank you for the suggestion. Yes, it works if I using “Make” function from Opportunity. But there is some Quotation which is already issued with no linkage of Items in Opportunity. Which is why I try to link back the Quotation Item back to Opportunity.

When you say you link back, does that mean you cancel previous quotations and create again? Because you cannot get opportunity items if a Quotation is already submitted. @Muhammad_Arif_Bin_Az

@creamdory The Quotation already issued but not submit/approve yet. As we are currently re-do the track back of Quotation running number, which is why I ask whether is it possible to link back the Quotation

If that is the case @Muhammad_Arif_Bin_Az then yes you can link back. When you use “Make” or “Get Items”, its script set links for quotation item foreign keys fro opportunity. To get data from specification, you must fill it in opportunity to automatically get when you create quotation.


@creamdory thank you for the advise. Yes it works :slight_smile:

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