Customization of taxes and charges grid row

These are the two items in the Sales Order with their respective prices.(Above image)

The “Show tax break-up” is the respective taxes on the above two items.(above image)

My requirement is to add the Price of an item with their respective taxes and get diisplayed.

Item code :RHS
Grand Total = Amount + taxes i.e. (30,000+4200+150+150)

Item code :SA-Desk
Grand Total = Amount + taxes i.e. (25,000+3500+125+125)

But i don’t know in which java script file i need to customize to get my requirement.
Please give me some suggestions.


tax breakup is done in transaction.js file please check the get_item_wise_taxes_html function.


Thanks @makarand_b
I will try out and i will update you.

Thanks @makarand_b for the help.