Customization of the Modules

Hi guys , hope all of you have great day
i’m implementing the Erpnext and i need to do huge customization of the modules
like changing module structure , add more section to it , changing forms , front end etc …
i have worry about future update of the Erpnext , for sure if i do big changes like this , i think i cant receive official updates because of heavy changes
what is the solution my architecture now is like :
in my development environment i download the official Erpnext code i do my changes in my development env and upload it to production and production will now receive the official future updates , do think there is better solution for this ?


For production deployment, master branch of frappe/erpnext git repository is pulled and changes are updated.

All the modifications made cannot be pushed to this master branch.

Fork erpnext repository after you login to github, All changes can be made here.

One way to keep all the updates as well as modified code is:
To modify forked repo and keep it synced with upstream and resolve conflicts.

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You can manage most of customization from your custom app.
You can create new form, update existing form like adding section or hiding existing fields, adding new fields to existing form
You can write custom validation, print format.

I am suggesting you to make changes in your custom app.
Only if your required, then you can decide to modify core erpnext code