Customization Packaging

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Trying to understand the best way to have customization ( form customization ) packaged.

One approach we use is to use bench export-fixtures and have defined such that only our customizations are exported ( using module field in custom field and property setters ) . The disadvantage of this approach is that all the custom-fields are exported into one file within the app - so becomes complex to maintain and review in PRs .

Our preferred approach is to use form customizations’ action menu option ( export customization ) to publish doctype specific changes as a single JSON. The issue with this approach is that it does not allow us to only export our customizations into our app and we might export other customizations ( say india_compliance ) as well into our app, causing conflicts , unless these are manually removed.

Is there any way to address this need to have separate customization data by doctype and also have only app specific customizations exported during export customizations


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Hi @hari.madhavan,

Hmm :thinking:,

Create a separate custom app for your customizations. This allows you to organize and manage your customizations separately. Create a new app and then export only your app-specific customizations.

Utilize version control systems like Git and create a dedicated branch for your customizations. Make your customizations in this branch and use Git commands to commit and push only the relevant changes. Regularly merge updates from the main ERPNext repository into your custom branch.

Both approaches provide a way to package and manage your customizations separately, ensuring you export only app-specific customizations.

Thank You!

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