Customization ( preferably Feature) to add New Tratement Plan Type

As shown in the attached image, Treatment Plan Template are limited like one can choose the clinical procedure, therapy type and Lab Test Template. Can we add any custom doctype to the list of documents that can be used in the treatment plan template type? Our clients suggest adding OT Services , Room Services and , Nursing Services.

The required functionality to add a custom service type template that may contain items or not can be added to the treatment plan type. This can help to customize the treatment template in the best manner as the target customer wants to use it. any guidance to achieve @ChillarAnand

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In the treatment plan template → items list, we have included only those 3 types as they the only templates available as part of Frappe healthcare.

You can update the filters in treatment_plan_template.js so that required doctypes can be shown there.

Great ! will try to achieve changes as suggested and update the group , Thanks !