Customization : Set a value in the tree view of JavaScript

Hello there ,

I’ve created the {doctype}_tree.js file and integrated fields into it. Currently, I’m looking to retrieve values from the current fields that show in the dialog box and subsequently set them ( frm.set_value(“floor_building_abbr”, test)) within the tree view. Could anyone provide insights or suggestions on how best to accomplish this?"

I think, you should check the core tree doctype and check that code and how it works.

Tried , as in chart of account like,
var me = frappe.treeview_settings[“Account”].treeview;
var company =;
but here , it gives me error like “me” as undefined and is not found

I think you are checking a complex tree structure, so avoid creating unnecessary complexity. Instead, choose a simpler tree structure such as company, location, or employee and examine its layout.