Customization support

I am an old customer. I am using ERPnext since 2012. I am subscribed with only 1 user. However, I would like to use an expert to help me customize the manufacturing module to my needs and then add 4 more users to my subscription. I have a work plan for the manufacturing process that I want to implement on ERPnext. Is there an ERPnext expert who could help me with this or do I have to buy the expensive 6000$ enterprise support?

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Hi, you have two options, hire someone who will probably charge you less than that, or learn to do it yourself.

There are telegram groups, the old jobs page and on freelancer pages like fiver etc in case you are looking for someone.

I checked a moment ago, and the old ERPNext Jobs site is offline. Whether that’s deliberate or a mistake, I don’t know. Not sure which person(s) owned and maintained it. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you, @federico_calvo! I’ll update my bookmarks.
Had no idea it was relocated from (offline) to

Must have missed the memo.

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