Customizations/Enhancements for the Real-Estate/Construction Companies


Has anybody done any serious work implementing ERPNext for a Real Estate company that is into constructing it’s own projects in an India scenario.

I have strong lead and I tried to show them ERPNext and how it’s got all the building blocks for a successful implementation, but they are looking at something that is available for implementation right away. My delivery model will take many quarters/years and is not acceptable to the prospect. They are broadening the search to see what solutions are available for rapid implementation.

So if somebody has done work in this area in India happy to partner with that company/individual.

Please let me know.



I’ve found this repo time ago, but I don’t know if it is still alive …

I used it upto v7, community may be using it.

key thing that it solved for me was managing outstanding wages and labour attendance in custom doctypes and end of the day make journal entry to pay wages referencing custom attendance.

labour/wages did not fit in employee/salary for the case.

That solved majority of problem and no further development was done.

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