Customizations/Enhancements on ERPNext

I have always suspected that, like Epoch, a whole bunch of people have worked on a whole bunch of customizations, enhancements, integrations and extensions on ERPNext and, like Epoch, have found it challenging (yeah, you sure can continue to question our commitment to the open source culture, or you can get practical and respect and work with our constraints) to integrate the code back on ERPNext.

Yet, we make it available on GitHub for anybody to download and use.

Here’s the list of customizations I have been able to get from Eric of DigiThink IT and have added Epoch’s customizations to it.

You can only view this document and I didn’t want to open up the document for editing to everybody on the internet, so if you have things that’s on GitHub and want to record your work please send me your mail ID (mine is jram at epochconsulting dot in) and I am happy to allow you to add your work to this repository).

Here’s the link: