Customize Appraisal Form

Hi i am using the following erp next version:

ERPNext: v12.2.2 (version-12)

Frappe Framework: v12.0.20 (version-12)

I wanted to know how i can customoize the appraisal form to include the following field i wanted:

“Total Score in Percentage”

What i wanted to achieve is that ones you hit on the “Calculate total score” button, then the system will automatically input “Total score (Out of 5)” as well as calculate that score in terms of percentage on the new field termed “Total Score in Percentage”.

The computation for this field named “Total Score in Percentage” should be something like:

If total_score=“Value”


Value/5 *100

How can i achieve this.I havent seen where i can customize this from the appraisal customize form.

Kindly help.

You can write a function in python for your calculations and then call the same function on your button click in js and then set the value in “field_name” using js.
Hope this helps.

@Darpan_Agarwal .Thanks for your feedback. I am not a developer but i atleast get the idea. I thought it would be easy enough from the custom form rather than having to involve a developer to do that. Is there anyway you can do it through the custom scripts?