Customize Awesomeplete for select fields with set_query

Using set_query or in any other way, is it possible to customise the displayed value in the awesomeplete dropdowns ?

Use case:
In Stock Entry, if the Source Warehouse is already selected, I would like to display list of items in the selected warehouse and include the balance stock qty along with the item name and description.

Did you try writing a custom query like :

use in Custom Script / JS

frm.fields_dict.items.grid.get_field('child_field').get_query = function() {
	return {
		filters: { ... },
		query: ""

The Stock Entry use case is not required now.

Thanks revant_one, found a query I was looking for, to get the balance stock qty warehouse wise for selected item. May be better to filter warehouses and bring only warehouses with qty > 0

frappe.ui.form.on("Production Order",{
onload : function(frm){
	frm.set_query('source_warehouse', 'required_items', function(doc, cdt, cdn) {
		var row  = locals[cdt][cdn];
		var filters = erpnext.queries.warehouse(frm.doc);
			$.extend(filters, {"query":"erpnext.controllers.queries.warehouse_query"});
			filters["filters"].push(["Bin", "item_code", "=", row.item_code]);
		return filters

Actual Qty is displayed with the warehouse description.

So the way to bring extra attributes in the dropdown label is to write a custom query and construct the descrtiption field as required.