Customize Core DocType

I understand that it’s not recommended to modify the Core DocTypes but I am looking for a site-based customization: adding just a new field.

The Customize Form won’t allow me:

I checked: Hooks I don’t know how it can help me for adding a new custom field.

Please advise.

Best regards

Hi @ahassoun:

If you are sure what are you doing, and can set developer mode on, just edit the doctype instead customize it.

Hope this helps.

I am adding fields, I don’t think anything will break - however, I plan to regularly update frappe/erpnext, what is the deal?

Hi @ahassoun:

Indeed this is the main problem … editing doctype will change base code. Any further update will made it gone.

Actually, core doctypes are not customizable. Check this, there are some clues to workaround it using fixtures … (I didn’t try it recently):

Best approach could be creating a custom-app, using a secondary doctype with the desired custom fields, and linking it to the main one. This way, your changes will be preserved at updating process.

Hope this helps.