Customize Desk GUI?

Hi, this has been discussed before but I haven’t read any straight answers or reference material. I’m trying to enhance the interface for staff members using the modules.

I want to change the Desk interface to an open source bootstrap theme like this - SB Admin 2 - Free Bootstrap Admin Theme - Start Bootstrap

What’s the best way to go about doing this?

Reason being that I want users to navigate on the left instead of seeing the sidebar and then have page content in the body.

I love this program so far but the desk interface is too uninviting for the more technologically illiterate staff in my company.

Thanks for any help

From my limited experience, I think, the easiest way would be to create a new Page via the Page DocType and override the default home page for your app in the You will be able to build the custom Page however you like.

Thank you! I will try this! Any idea how to hide the sidebar automatically or modify it to be useful?

Where exactly do you need to hide the Sidebar? I think, new Page doesn’t have the Sidebar by default and for DocType Forms you can turn it off in the corresponding DocType properties.

Everywhere, really. I don’t want them to see the sidebar when viewing projects, work orders, etc.

I think, there’s no out of the box option accessible via GUI, nor do I think a server-side config option exists. You’ll have to employ some CSS and JS hacks, for example: Remove left- side bar

I would be nice if the devs could confirm this.

You can use this as beginning start:


Thanks, this would be useful for me as well :grinning: