Customize Dock Type And Add items table in it

I’m trying to add Items table to my customize doctype Like the items table in sales invoice and sales invoice order

can I use this section(items table in my customize form(doctype) and reduce the quantity from inventory or store)

I will attach a picture for section that I want to add it to my customize doctype

so I can download the items and quantity and price in my customize doctype and in same time I can reduce the inventory because I have different scenario so I can not use Sales Invoice Forms

can I achieve that?

Just add a table field in your custom doctype and link it to “Sales Order Item”.

If you need to do changes on the table itself (add custom fields, etc…) you can “customize” the “Sales Order Item” child doctype.

However, a better practice would be duplicating the child doctype into a new one and then using the new custom child doctype in your table field in the custom doctype.

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Hello brother
I duplicated The "Sale Order Item " as you said and link the new doctype to my customize doctype

but when I choose the item code there are some filed not fill automatically as in sales order
like " item name , UOM, description, UOM Conversion Factor")

Thy they did not fill up automatically
in sale order when you choose the item code the data fetched automatically to those field
but in my customize doctype not

Screenshot 2024-05-21 233206

Go to your duplicated child doctype, go through each field and modify its “Fetch From” properties.

For example
Fetch From > Item Code > Item Name

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