Customize employees form


I want to create a custom field in Employee form.

I want to create custom fiels name or label as Employee Reference.

It should include headings like Name, company, phone number and email id.

So please tell me how to do this and also tell me which “type” should be assigned to it.

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Here are two cases to consider:

Case 1 : Such table already exists in Employee

Did you check if Employee already has such a field or table ? Please do this to avoid duplication. If you feel that table does not meet your requirements, you customize that table and you will be done.

Case 2 : Table does not exist

Then you ought to create a new custom table which is a child doctype. (Tick on Is Child)


Since a Employee can have multiple references, you need to do these things :

  1. Create a custom child doctype

This is a table which include your fields - Name , company, phone number, email ID etc. All of these fields can be data.

  1. Customize form to include your child doctype

Now you need to decide where you wish to position your new references table. When you find a suitable place, Click on Customize from Menu.

Find that position, create a section break if needed (I recommend this plus this adds to organization of the form), insert a new field of type Table and add your child doctype name in Options there.

After you are done, it will look like this :-


Expanding the child table field, it looks like this:

I hope this will get you through


Thanks for the response.

Now i’m able to create that custom field.

  But i'm facing issue like when I tried to create new employee and

after entering the data in the custom field created, after
clicking save the entered data is not available which I had

screenshots available where it shows before and after entering the data.

Please Help.

Thanks & Regards


For each field that is required in the child doctype, check on In List View and they will be visible. Expand the field and that option will be available