Customize ERPNext Well

Dear all.
How many languages of programming to customize ERPnext well?
Thank you.

  • Python
    • Most of the ERPNext code is written in Python.
    • Experience with Setuptools, and large multi-package projects, really helps.
    • Knowledge of Python web frameworks helps too. Be familiar with Werkzeug, Flask.
  • JavaScript
    • Bonus: Any experience you have with JS web frameworks (backend and frontend) can help understand what’s happening in ERPNext.
    • There is a bit of Node.js happening behind-the-scenes too.
    • Especially understand templating. ERPNext uses Jinja, but if you know Mustache/Handlebars, that knowledge will translate.
  • SQL
    • You don’t need to be a SQL expert. But you should understand generally how MySQL works, and know how to write queries.
  • Bash programming (or whatever shell language you have) is highly useful.
  • Solid working knowledge of Git. If you’re going to customize a lot, you’ll need to maintain your own long-lived fork.

Non-Programming Skills:

  • Time. Customizing ERPNext well = lots of time.
  • Patience. Lots of it.
  • Perseverance. Never give up; never surrender.
  • Writing. Write down everything you learn. You’ll refer back to it later.

More than languages you need to have a skill of understanding the business process requirement and knowledge of tools within Erpnext system to map the requirement onto the system that helps in solving the problems in a better way that generates value for the users and end customers.

Thank you so much.

Very nice, thank you do much.