Customize ERROR msg

@Sangram hi can we convert error to a information

Like i want to convert below msg to message like Data Not saved Please contact administrator


Use the frappe.throw(“Data Not Saved”) method in try … expept block


Can you explain me in details?

On which page, I have to code?



can you share you code ?

Yes, you can but for that, you have to make changes in framework code.
Which is result into conflicts while taking updates.
Better way you can add your custom message as @makarand_b suggested for your functionality.


Actually I have set limit to a mysql table (tabItem) for max 5 only. In case of 6th insert, it throws an mysql error OperationalError: (1048, “Column ‘id’ cannot be null”).

Now I just want to show my custom error for this above error.


You can also set the field’s length property, it will limit the number of character in the field.

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I don’t have to limit the max character. I just have to limit the number of rows can be stored in a mysql table and that limiting is already done.

Now I just have to show my custom message on popup.



try the below code

	// Your code
except Exception as e:
	frappe.throw("Your Custom Error Message")


Can you tell me, on which .py file , I have to implement this and what to write in try block for caching Mysql error?



Check Exception handling in Python

Write your method accordingly, so it will catch your exception and Where you can throw a custom message.

@Sangram @makarand_b

I know Exception handling in Python, but I’m getting MySQL error on user registration. Getting MySQL error is not an issue as I have limited the max number of rows can be inserted on ‘tabUser’ MySQL table to 5 Only.

So it results, when ever 6th user is added, it throws an MySQL error “OperationalError: (1048, "Column 'id' cannot be null").”.

Now I just want to handle this exception but I don’t know the actual .py file where user registeration is processed and inserted in ‘tabUser’ MySQL table. So I want to know the .py file name from where I can implement my logic for this MySQL exception.

If anyone can provide me the .py file name from where I can handle this exception or any other way to show my custom message for this error, It would be really helpful for me.