Customize Form field doesn't save data

Hi there.

I have created some customization with Customize Form module for Project Task.
4 field has been added and exported to our custom app.

The problem is, when I use the form and give the values after I hit Save the data are lost.
What 's the problem?
What’s the cause?

Please let me know.

Please check whether your developer mode is on or not.

Hi there.

Yes. it must be on.

Erpnext version is v10.

I have done the migration but still remove the data after save…

Can you please tell me the steps you are following, so that we can debug it properly.

Hi #sagarg , sorry for the late answer.
This is the problem.
Watch the linked anim gif.

sorry which version do you use?
and yes, try to add the same custom field to the Task doctype

Hi, I have succesfull added the same fields to the Tasks at the Customize Form.
The error is gone, and now it saves the data.
There was a problem in the costumization and that was the cause. The Frappe framework has been updated and now I can save the extra fields in the Customization Form module.

Thanks a lot.

The problem is solved.

For issues with multiselect tables not saving, see this thread:

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