Customize form in erpnext v12

Hi folks,

erpnext version: v12
Doctype: Address
Fields: address_line_1, city, country
Scenario: customize the “Address” doctype for fields address_line_1, city and country where
the madatory is being unchecked. It gives the below error/issue
Issue: Not allowed to disable Mandatory for standard fields.

Used trial and error:

  1. developer_mode:1 in site config file
  2. bench migrate
  3. bench build
  4. did all mandatory things like clear cache(website) and restart.
  5. deleting browser histroy etc.

Still not working.
Need the help for same.
Thank you in advance…

i am attaching screenshots


there seems to be an issue with your settings. it should be "developer_mode": 1, Note what comes after the “1”?

Some fields cannot be switched off from being mandatory. City and Country in the Address DocType are definitely in that list.

These fields were changed to mandatory address fields as required in customer quick entry form to avoid unexpected error during save. You can check the PR here: fix: Set some mandatory address fields as reqd in customer quick entry form by surajshetty3416 · Pull Request #18979 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. It’s advisable not to change the settings.