Customize form Updates DB but no changes in doctype view

I used the customize form to add two new fields to serial number list. However the database was updated but when I open a serial number from the serial number list, those two fields are not there. Please can someone help me with this?

@khopadi kindly check are you in developer mode?

@arokia No I am not in developer mode.

@arokia The serial_no.json in the serial number doctype didn’t changed. Is it related to some permission issues for the frappe user?

@khopadi you have to add developer mode in sites.
file path - nano frappe-bench/sites/common_site_config.json
add this line below this:
“webserver_port”: 8000,
** “developer_mode”: 1**

@arokia I tried on my local system. However even without the developer mode in common site config, it is working fine.

@khopadi it will be working fine…but if u add new fields in customize form you have to be developer mode.

Thanks @arokia. My bad I didnot populate the data so, it was not visible. After population it works as normal.