Customize form via rest API call


I know that you can customize forms via a custom app.

Is it possible to customize forms via a rest API call?

I’m pulling data from an external service through a middleware service and would like to have a plug & play method of sending the data to ERPNext instances without having to touch the server side.

Would need to be able to create create new fields in forms to do this.

Else i would have to get the user’s server access to install a custom app.

A rest API call to install custom app would work too.

I believe its possible.
We customize existing forms via Customize Form page.
When you make changes to pre existing fields, you make an entry in Property Setter Doctype
When you add a new field, you make an entry in Custom FIeld Doctype.

So with REST, all you have to do is create the documents in Property Setter & Custom Field doctype, which is effectively customizing the forms.

Hope it helps

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I think it would be easiest to start here. I don’t think you can avoid the server, at least the ERPNext host.
More about your use case would be good for context.

Sweet. thank you this worked!

For those trying to do this too, i keep forgetting to check the frappe modals when erpnext’s dont work.