Customize forms and Link type woes. Can anybody lend a quick minute to help?

I’ll be using ERPNext in the future to help run my contracting company. One small customization I imagined is having Project Addresses on invoices (alongside billing address if different)

  1. I started by creating a custom field in the project master; a simple one line text entry for project_address
  2. In the Sales Invoice form customization, project_name is linked.

I cannot understand how to link data from a particular Project to eventually show up in print view of Sales Invoice.

Project Name is showing and selectable correctly, but I try to include project_address based off of selected project, and it won’t let me link it.

I have a feeling I’m missing one key detail in the operation of this, and have hit a wall (with my head too). Any customization gurus able to drop a hint?

Thank you

You can fetch project address on sales invoice, on project by using add_fetch method using custom script
cur_frm.add_fetch("linkfield", "source_field", "destination_field")

Check this Frappe Cloud

I had assumed that it would only be relative to the custom fields and forms, so I didn’t go past that section in the manual.

Thank you very much! I’ll give this a try