Customize item in purchase order / receipt

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the correct place to add this, but after an item is added to a purchase order (or receipt or sales order), we may need to attach extra information to it later on. (Perhaps this item was shipped on a different date from another item in the same purchase order).

I don’t see where custom fields can be added to show up for an item in an order/receipt. Is this something that is customizable?


You can add comments at the bottom of Purchase Order. Text added in “Comments “ remains with PO as a history and others can see this comments.


Thank you for your reply.

However, the comments field won’t work for us because we have standard data fields that need to be included for our industry. We need to know when each item on the PO was shipped, for example. This may be different from the date the vendor started work on the item, which will be another field. These need to be their own individual fields that we can pull and find in the database and display later. This can’t be all included in the comments field.

Maybe I am wrong thinking that this is where that information goes. What do you think?

Perhaps we need a separate doctype that connects the PO and the modifications to item information as the order gets fulfilled. Is this possible in erpNext? I am not sure if I am thinking about this the correct way.


You can add custom fields to the item child tables such as, Purchase Order Item, Purchase Receipt Item e.t.c through a tool called “Customize Form”.

The above link will help you regarding the tool.

Hi Sagarg,

We are getting closer, but I cannot seem to edit the “Purchase Invoice Item” doc type.
I get the message “Core DocTypes cannot be customized.”

Please let me know if I am not understanding something.