Customize Label from Item want to show (read only) in BOM Item

I have created Customize Label in Item as select type with some options, this i want to show in BOM item as read only while create a BOM.

Please suggest how i can do the same.

Thanks in advance.

hey in the BOM add a custom field and set it to read only. you can then add a custom script in the bom doctype to fetch the value from item table.

Check this link to learn about adding custom feild Frappe Cloud

Check this link to learn about custom script Frappe Cloud

Hope this helps.

Hi, Neilasrado

i have try this but part status not shown in BOM item please refer below images.

Please suggest.

Thank you.

The images are not clear. can you please upload the images to and share the links.


please refer below link

add_fetch(“Item”, “status”, “part_status”)
did you add this custom_script ?

Yes, i have add the same as per below image.

Plz. suggest if any thing wrong.

Wrong doctype. Please select ‘BOM’ in Doctype. ‘BOM Item’ is a different doctype.

But we need to see status of the same while created BOM at time of select Item(part)

I have add custom field in BOM item as read only so needed the same in BOM item.
we need the same while select materials for a BOM

You need to put script on the Parent Doctype not child. also you need to trigger the script on change of item_code

use cur_frm.add_fetch(“item_code”, “status”, “part_status”) in BOM it will work

Thank you for immediate support it works.

Vinod Guddeti

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