Customize naming series

Hello, I’m having a problem putting the naming series in my doctype, when I put the naming “YYYY.abbr.-PINV-” to Purchase Invoice works perfect, but when I want to put “YYYY.abbr.-SINV-” in the Sales Invoice I get the following error


Check the naming series for Purchase Invoice to ensure you haven’t misspelled it as “YYYY.abbr.-SINV-”

Actually if I checked that, and if PINV is on and in the SINV Sales

Hello, @Danny_Gallegos
Replicated and found the similar issue for my test account as well. Thanks for reporting this! We will look into this and get back to you shortly.

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I think I solved the problem, or so it seems, what I did was put the naming series backwards, that is,

Purchase invoice: PINV-.abbr.-.YYYY.-
Sales invoice: SINV-.abbr.-.YYYY.-

There if you can do the update


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