Customize Non-Self-Hosted Theme

I’m trying to change the icon of a DocType to something like “fa fa-glass” but it doesn’t work. How can I do this?
Also, I would like to know how can I change the theme since I don’t have access to the system files (non-self-hosted environment).

by non-self-hosted env., do you mean your ERPNext account is hosted on our server?

By theme are you referring to the website theme?

Yes, our ERPNext account is hosted on your server.
I mean the ERP theme, doctypes, forms, lists and desktop icons (see image), not the website.



This is managed by core framework and not configurable for now. Are you looking at white-labelling ERPNext?

No, I’m just annoyed with the theme (I’d like darker per example).
Also look those green icons… what’s the point use icons if you have to read the labels?
Do you know more expensive would be self-host the whole system and if this way it would be fully customisable?

Self hosting is more expensive just by the fact that you will have to build the knowledge to install, maintain, backup, and debug the system. Frappe is not charging much for this. Stay on their cloud unless you really need to.

You won’t be able to customize the colors, what you can do is learn how to do the basic development and send in Pull Requests to change the colors to something logical within the color scheme. Then you are contributing and as you are learning how to do low-stakes things like this will familiarize yourself with the system.

I understand.
About the theme is ok, but what about the icons? Why there’s a “icon” option on DocType configuration form (above the checkboxes)?