Customize P&L report on Saas (web hosted)


I want to customize the Profit and Loss report with minor modification. I am on a Saas (web hosted) environment and hence do not have access to the script files. When clicking on the ‘duplicate’ report button, the software throws and error saying ‘No permission to create report’. Please see below.

@Ankit_Kumar due to security reasons, we do not allow script / query reports to be generated from the SAAS version.

What kind of customizations do you want?

@rmehta The accounts team observes that while printing the P&L report, it shows as below. The team has requested that they do not need the items marked in a red.

  1. The currency KWD (Kuwait Dinar) is not needed against all the entries as they are in a single currency.
  2. The currency KWD is required to be shown in the heading as show in green.

Can you send an email with these screenshots and your user id at support at erpnext dot com

Sent. Thanks.