Customize 'point of sale' print format - version 9

I’m unable to set custom content in the point of sale print format. This used to be something very trivial and instant, editing the format has no impact; is there a special way to do this? I can’t seem to figure it out. Possibly I’m so old school. @ganas, @H_N, @System19, @tundebabzy, @rohit_w please help. Will need to add these customizations when I update th client live, Sunday. Thanks.

Are you using online or offline POS?

Online pos Sir.

Did you change the settings on the POS Profile to use the custom print format?

Let me have a look; I looked at the profile settings but didn’t find anything; just format for offline. I’ll get back to you. Thank you.

Ok, my bad, I see print format for online, i’ll try it now. Sorry.

Perfect. Works! Thanks.

For others (thanks to @H_N‎)

– add custom text to POS Invoice print format
– select pos type; offline or online
– in pos profile, select pos invoice format for selected user pos profile under print format for [online/offline]. Save.

–invoice is customized

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