Customize report format change when save

Hello !

I have an issue in customization of a report … when I am going to save a item wise sale register customize report , fetched data to the required column is wrong.
i am doing these step , please guide me if I am doing any thing wrong…

Step by step

  1. go to sale invoice in selling
  2. all Invoice are displayed select item wise sale register in report menu
  3. remove some unwanted column and arrange some column as required
  4. Grid and report shows as desired
  5. then click save in the menu
  6. new report name enter
  7. now the column data suddenly change like… in product group column i found Date in customer column I got posting date or item code…

I can’t understand … why its happening…

M.Kashif Ghaziani

Try a Ctrl + Shift + R after your report loads and see if this appears again. Also post some screenshots.

I have shared a report screen short …
its happens when I save a report format…