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Hi Guys,
I want to customise a report, can someone please direct me where to the location of the menu and refresh buttons html/py/js files on the top right of each report template.Thanks

Please check this link

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@kolate_sambhaji what i want to do is add two extra buttons next to the MENU and REFRESH buttons my reports pages…does anyone have an idea how to go about this.


@EdwardOkech what you want, can you please explain.
You can see existing report code to get what you can.

For adding field, button and check-box in report see General Ledger report

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Hi @EdwardOkech,

Depending upon your report, you can look for the .js files under

/home/(username)/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/(module name{buying,selling,etc.})/page/(name of report)

Hope this helps!

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@Tanuj Thanks you have solved my dilemma.

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Where can I find reports page for leads ? I have to add group by feature in lead details.

Hi Neha,

Since Lead details is a Query Report, AFAIK, you cannot group the results. Although you can make a filter to show only based on your selection (Example: Show data only for a certain period, or customer, etc.)

The filter can be added through a js file under selling>report>lead_details.

If you really require grouping the list, you’ll have to rebuild the report through python file.

Good luck!

Okay. Thanks.