Customize Sales Order and Sales Order Item with extra fields

I would like to add the following:

  • a field in Sales Order to store a URL. I have gone to menu > customize in Sales Order and added a field that is “shipping label” of type data and saved it. The problem is that it’s not showing in the form to create a Sales Order or in actual Sales Order. Do I need to do anything else?

  • two fields to each Sales Order Item to store two separate URLs

I’ve tried editing the Sales Order Item table in Sales Order with no luck. Is there somewhere else that the Sales Order Item can be edited? Can this be done through the ERPNext gui or do I have to actually edit the sales order item models in python? Either way, would love some pointers

If you add custom field in Sales order, you must check (in list view) for it to be visible in the form. If you add in child table (sales order item) , use customise Doctype and edit (column) field from 0 to 1. Check every line in sales order item for example (item code) , make column =2. All your items in sales order item must have a total sum of columns less than 11. If column = 0 , it takes the biggest space available. Change to number higher than 0 to get max fields in table.

@najeeb thanks so much for your explanation! I got it to work!

A pleasure to be of help.

Hello @najeeb

I am trying to add custom field in Sale Order Item after Stock UOM, but its not displaying in sale order item view, if i inspect its view,filed is there but has class


what should i do to display this field.

Send me a screenshot of your field view.