Customize Stock Ledger Report

Hi, I need to customize Stock Ledger Report and Stock Balance Report, I need to add 2 fields to Stock Ledger Entry and show them in report, but when I trying to enter the Customize option, system show me following message:

“Core DocTypes cannot be customized.”

Any idea of how make this??

When on the report page you can click Menu → Pick Columns. From there you can add the fields you would like to display.

Hi @dj12djdjs, that not works for me. I need that this 2 fields what I added to Stock Ledger Entry show immediately when a final user access to Stock Ledger Report, because that 2 new fields work for internal distribution of warehouse, then each entry in Stock Ledger it’s not anymore just for Warehouse. In conclusion, I need customize the report. I have same problem with Stock Balance Report, because each row in that report, now is for the tuple Warehouse+Field 1+Field 2.

Since stock ledger and balance report are script reports you will need to create a custom module. Copy the report from ERPNext stock module to your custom module and make your modifications from the copied version.

@dj12djdjs, Is necessary define a some override in file? How Frappe understand that must show the overidden Stock Ledger Report from my custom module and not the previous report in ERPNext Module?

Overriding the original stock ledger report like that I’m not sure. What I did was added another button in the item master “View Custom Ledger” using JS custom script.

frm.add_custom_button(__('Custom Ledger'), function() {
   frappe.route_options = {

   frappe.set_route('query-report', 'Custom Stock Ledger Report');