Customize Table in Print Format

How I can customize table columns in print table?
For example, item table and material request of print format of production plan add item image in table.

how do you want your table can you give an example?

Like this. I want to add image field in table but there isn’t option in item table of print format builder.(Production Plan)

you need a field for adding image in your custom format and you will give your field name in image am i right?

When I open print format builder for adding custom print format for production plan, There isn’t option which is adding image field in item table and material request plan item table ,so how can I add image option in this columns.

OK for your requirement you go with custom print format settings their you can give your fieldname of the image where you give.

		<th>Item Code</th>
		<th>Item Name</th>
		<th class="text-right">Supplier Batch No</th>
		<th class="text-right">Mfg date</th>
		<th class="text-right">Exp date</th>
		<th class="text-right">Retest/Revaluation date</th>
		<th class="text-right">UOM</th>
		<th class="text-right">Challan</th>
		<th class="text-right">Recd Quantity</th>
		<th class="text-right">Accepted Quantity</th>
		<th class="text-right">Rejected Quantity</th>
		<th class="text-right">A.R. No</th>
	{%- for row in doc.items -%}

		<td style="width: 3%;">{{ row.idx }}</td>
		<td style="width: 15%;">
			{% if row.item_code != row.item_name -%}
			{%- endif %}
		<td style="width: 15%;">
			<div style="border: 0px;">{{ row.item_name }}</div></td>
		<td style="width: 10%; text-align: right;">{{ row.supplier_batch_no }}</td>

	{%- endfor -%}
paste this in your custom format you will get an idea.