Customize Tax setup

Hello everyone, please I need help to set up a custom taxes has my country tex required,
The attached link is a file is a format I use in Microsoft excel which works great for me, am wondering if I can achieve this format with ERPNext.

Thank you.

Please explain more on where the data comes from. Is this a report over your sales?

Maybe this will help you:

Hello @rmeyer ,
Basically my country taxes goes like this

tax1: 2.5%
tax2: 2.5%
subtotal + tax1 + tax2
tax3: 12.5%
2.5% , 2.5% on the subtotal
then calculate 12.5% on the total of 2.5%,2.5% + subtotal

I’ve attached a file which I think will help to understand my expression

the commands are in red on the attached file.
Thank you.

So you want this on a sales invoice, right?

Please check the following links:

Yes please

Please let me know if the above format is achievable on erpnext.
I’ve already gone through the link you provided but am still not achieving the format.
on the documentation “here are five options under type for which tax will be calculated.”

  1. Actual
  2. On Net Total
  3. On Previous Row Amount
  4. On Previous Row Total
  5. On Item Quantity

In my case here I’ve only the first 4 option.
Advised what to do please.

Thank you.