Customize Website Item - new section

Hi guys,
So I just started looking into customizing a website item on the front end to fit the product page to our company needs.

Unfortunately, I haven’t discovered any way to be able to create a new section separated from the standard Product Details and Tabs.

I added a bootstrap4 markup which is displaying correctly but it’s still in the same section as the Product Details, and not separated.

Any idea how to create a separate section to display bootstrap4 on a website item?

Thank you in advance.

By the way, using the latest version of erpnext on Ubuntu 20.


I’m not all that familiar with the front end of e-commerce. I think if you override this file in a custom app you will be able to achieve your goal. erpnext/item_add_to_cart.html at version-13 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

I appreciate your reply.

I was looking for something more user friendly than that.

Strange there’s so much limitation in customizing the frontend.