Customized ERPNext in Develop Mode (How to apply into Production)

I installed erpnext using official script --production (mode), with customized erpnext. When i open it on port:80, its still original version, where the customized version only works in Develop mode (port:8000)

What is the proper way to customize ERPNext? How should I apply those changes from Develop onto Production mode.

Thanks all

Hi @sjc2929

Don’t make the changes on the production setup, make changes on the develop setup and using github push develop setup changes to the production setup.

Production mode does not have auto-restart. You will to restart all processes manually (bench restart)

Hi @rohit_w

I’m still fairly new to ERPNext, can u specify how to complete the steps u mentioned?

Thanks a lot

hi @sjc2929,
please see this link