Customized Print format color

Can someone please help me to change font color, this is customized HTML tax invoice

Here is the code used…

<left>Original for the Recipient</left>

<center><h3><color="blue">TAX INVOICE</h3><center>
<table width=100% height=100% border=1>
       <td width=30% rowspan=3>

Here is the screen shot


Please apply it.

<center><h3 style="color:blue;">TAX INVOICE</h3><center>

reload and check it.


@NCP No sir, its not working

again please check. @Santhosh_Aerotek,

Something missing tag in your print format.

because it’s working on my side.

Otherwise apply it.

<h3 style="color:blue; text-align:center;">TAX INVOICE</h3>

Remove <center> tag.