Customized signup

I have previously created the topic for customize login for which I get that it should not be customized at all. But can we customize signup?

This link Custom Signup Page has been created almost a year ago but no reply was given. I also need help in the same topic.

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@royprotim request you to not create duplicate post for the existing queries. please add comment on the existing post for the followup. also, will be useful if you can also are the usecase for the customization requirement.

@royprotim: we had some experience customizing the sign up page by adding the ability to log in with your Facebook and/or Google+ account, into ERPNext. We have not had any experience customizing the login form details though.

As suggested by Umair, we can avoid creating duplicate posts and continue discussion on the old link so that interested people from older post also can pitch in. Closing this post for now.