Customizing address fields for a country


I am new to ERPnext, and trying to figure my way around in setting it up for complete migration after customization.

To start with, I need to customize the Address format/fields in accordance with the Kuwait norm address listing and remove the mandatory Address Line 1, City, and Address Line 2. Required granularity is as follows:
Block, Street, Lane, Building, Floor, Flat/Apartment, PACI, District.

I am able to add the fields I presented. However, I am unable to remove the fields Address Line 1, and City.

I’ve tried the customization in the Address Template List, but it does not reflect the one I use in the customer address entry. I have also removed Address Line 1 and City from the Jinja template without luck. Obviously mandatory fields are not to be played with, nor can they be hidden.

Where is the root of this to be customized?

You cannot remove/change the mandatory fields but the address template changes should’ve worked.

Have you set the particular address template where changes are made to the default?

I have ticked the “Default” column. I thought that would be the magic, but it seems like it wants to set the default template somewhere else too to load when adding an address, because it keeps loading the regular template it started with. I did reload several times to clear cache.

Using customization form change the label of Address Line 1 to Block,
Address Line 2 to Street and create custom field for building, floor etc…

Then on the * Address Template document create template by using jinja and set as default

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Great! Thanks! The first part is done nicely, with extra hacks here and there because of the type of data, i.e. can change city field to Select type, but can’t populate options!

Now, the Jinja template, I can’t find the settings for “Address”, but “Address Template” that can be reached and labeled Kuwait. Would they be the same? Or which ever I put as default will be the one used, without regard to the Customize Form it forwards me to edit?

Thanks again.

You can update Jinja template from Kuwait document from the Address Template doctype list

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Got it! Thanks again.