Customizing ERPNext for Maintenance and Repair Service Business

Our’s is a small service based business to provide Maintenance and Repair services for industrial machines. Our primary activity is repair services, but we also deal with sales of new and used machines, new and used parts, consumables etc.

I am looking for an ERP solution that can help us manage service business that includes workflow from receiving service call (or complain / issue), assigning it to a technician, scheduling, recording the visit time & traveling time, invoicing.

I expect the ERP to provide reports like

Cost of each service job that includes engineer’s time (onsite and travel), spare parts cost, workshop cost (if any repairs to be done by outside workshop), other traveling expense etc.

Reports like productivity of technicians on daily and monthly basis.

Status of Jobs like assigned, scheduled, held for spare parts, completed, invoiced etc.

In service we deal with various products of various models from various manufacturers. We need to have data base of all these products in the ERP. And we need to have list of all these machines (or products) that we repair linked to the Customers who own them (similarly to Contacts linked with Customer in ERPNext).

When we receive a service call we note down the Customer, Machine and Complain (issue). We assign the job to technician, schedule it. The technician visits the customer, repairs (or rectifies the issue). The technician then fills up a service report form (which is a hard copy) with details of the machine ( Model & Serial Number), Visit dates and timing, Problem details, work performed and approval signature from the Customer. And finally an invoice is raised against that service report.

How can I customize ERPNext to implement it for our business.

Thank you


Have you had any luck with ERPNext for your repair business? I am looking implementing ERPNext for a mobile device repair business.

any progress on this issue?i want to use maintenance management for my vehicle maintenance management when I change small spare parts.thanks

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So it seems that ERPNext now does help do some very basic vehicle management, in that you can enter data regarding your vehicle (Make, model, etc.), insurance information. However I am looking for something similar to what you are looking. I will start a new thread and post link here.

we are looking for the same. we are also a service company for the repair and maintenance of dishwashers. the machines are with the customer. The machines have serial numbers that must be assigned to the customer.
have you already found something how you can set it up ??

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Very interesting use case. Please help the larger community by step by step setup if anyone achieves it. Thanks.


I think this can be done very well it just need advanced customization and going to code or creating a custom app

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Has anyone found a way to go around this with ERPNext or with a third party module or application?

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As mentioned! this solution can be beautifully developed by customization.
if there are sponsors available, we will be more than happy to develop it.

Can you contact me on to discuss this please?