Customizing ERPNext through Apps

I’ve been going through all of the ERPNext and Frappe App Development documentation and there is a very clear description of how to add brand new Apps to Frappe, but I haven’t seen anything that addresses how to make modifications to the existing ERPNext system to customize my installation.

Here are some examples of what I want to do:

  1. Add additional functionality to the existing doctypes (e.g. Purchase Order) that require server side scripts to be developed.
  2. Create new DocTypes that tie in to others (for example, create a Request for Quotation doctype that can pull from Material Requests and get made into a Supplier Quotation).

The above examples have some features that can be implemented using the “Custom Forms” and “Custom Fields” features, but require creating (or potentially modifying) server side scripts on existing and custom DocTypes in order to work well.

To put my questions another way:

  1. Can server side scripts be created for Custom DocTypes? If so, how?
  2. Can server side scripts be modified/added for existing DocTypes without losing the ability to update to the latest version of ERPNext? If so, how?
  3. Do apps need to be stand alone from ERPNext, or can an app add DocTypes to the ERPNext module?

Thank you in advance!

let’s say you want to improve the standard Doc Types for everybody

  1. fork the github repository
  2. make the changes you have in mind
  3. initiate a pull request to the develop branch of the original ERPNext repository

If your changes are convincing they will be incorporated to the core I’d say

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If your changes are generic, you should have them included in the product.

Otherwise you can use hooks: Session 7: Connecting Using Hooks - YouTube

You need see all videos to get a full idea

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