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I am evaluating ERPs for one of my client and have shown them different ERPs. They liked the simplicity of erpnext though it lacks few features that is important for us.

Can some one let me know how easy is it to do below stuffs in erpnext.

  1. Modifying all the forms.
    Though the forms look good they are awful to work with…too long…you need scroll up & down.
    We want to create tab based form as in Oracle / ino ERP.

  2. Adding new features
    we want to have a quality module. The requirements are simple. We need to capture a lot of information at the point of receiving and then through our manufacturing process.

  3. Giving access to our supplier
    Is there any way we can give access to our supplier to check the POs we have placed and they accept.
    We also want give some access to our inventory to suppliers so that they can replenish as per our VMI agreement.

Check the tutorial on building extensions:

Thanks…I 'll go through it (primary from C++ & PL/SQL background …so now trying to learn python) but can you please let me know if it’s possible to change the complete look & feel of the user interface w/o changing any core modules.

what I am looking for is something similar to SAP /Oracle kind of forms where in a single look you can see all the data w/o scrolling up & down.

I dont want to make any change the core functionality or logic. I just want to convert the forms from horizontal to vertical tabs.

Please let me know there is any specific documentation on theming or templating.

Thanks again…You guys are doing a gr8 job

I’m also interested in seeing a quality-module in erpnext.

Basically just a data-store with key-value for hierarchical stats (categories, types) and relational for quality notes attached to serial-no’s or bulk per delivery-not or job-order.

Normally it’s good to being able to use the same categorisation data for Warranty/RMA’s as you want to be able to cross-check and correlate issues found in QC/QA <–> Issues found on the field.

Can we sponsor this activity and make it happen? First we should try and find a really good reference-implementation / inspiration from other similar systems.


Oracle R12 Quality is a nice module if you want to consider a reference.
It integrates well with Purchasing, Manufacturing and most of the other modules.
It allows you collect any kind of type of data as per item, category, supplier, manufacturing processes etc

I checked some screenshots from oracle r12 quality, looked a bit like a database editor so didn’t understand much :smile: Would be super if someone could post some good references, pref. with UX and workflows in mind as this feels most important as data-entry needs to be snappy for the QC-staff.

Oracle Quality is for big Enterprises and I don’t think any one w/o good QC background would understand the functionality … The user guide is 1000 pages…and will take you months to fully understand…anyway if you are looking for web based good looking Quality product then can check Agile PLM…dont look into screenshots…check the product

If you read 1000 pages, you are bound to like Oracle

Sunk Cost Fallacy: Sunk cost - Wikipedia

I’m not gonna read 1k pages that’s for sure :slight_smile: from a design/data-entry standpoint, I’m interested seeing if this has been done “right” in some type of similar system or application.

I quickly checked the iOS world but I think there is no interest/knowledge of this world when it comes to app-makes so it’s simply nothing our there afaik. I think UX is key here to help staff to save time compared to those monster-systems that is more build like a very generic database field-by-field entry model.

Way to record, categorise and tag Quality data should be fairly generic and “industry standard” to allow any type of reporting and analysis later on. Then for company specific reqs, like type of data to record, serialised or not, sample level etc could all be configurated on product-level to enable flexibility without bloating the design.


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I dont like Oracle EBS. It’s crappy. A huge huge program written in a procedural language. Most of the Oracle technical guys (Oracle, IBM, Infy, TCS - I have worked 3 out of this 4 companies ) wont understand the basics of OOP and when they write customization they again write some more crappy code.

Just read first few lines of the article and then though it’s not wroth…below is written in the article

For example, if a firm sinks $1 million on an enterprise software installation, that cost is “sunk” because it was a one-time expense and cannot be recovered once spent…

WTF…Which company on the earth consider a $1 million spend as Expense ?
Does author understand the meaning of expense and asset capitalization…

If somebody wants to be a frog inside a well then no one can help.
SAP/Oracle might not have the best UI, might not be user friendly but been in business for 20 years and still dominating because they understand what business needs.

Workday has the best UI in the world and started by a great man…has a lot of nice features. did a lot of think good but 4-5 years down the line they still have not taken 1-2% of market share. So just good look and feel doesnt make any product good

Hello Ani_India, i am looking for tab based forms… too… may you tell me your advance… or tell me some tips for that thanks…

You can set minimum stock and you’ll get alerts when your inventory is low