Customizing form grid for a child table


is there any why customize form_grid for particular child table? I mean something like form_grid_templates used in PO, SO etc.

My goal is to customize Item Supplier child table in orde to display green if supplier and supplier_part_no are enabled.

Any hint, beside hack i’d like to have it not changed each bench update.



Why don’t you try set_indicator_formatter method? It will show indicator in child table as per your condition.

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Many thanks for the hint, i’ll have a look at that

It seems that delivery note load form_grid_template as well:

Any hint on this? Thx

Modified code by adding form_grid_template for supplier_items, added the template to load …but nothing happens, no indicators are shown in item supplier form grid.

Any help appreciated, thx


Please check method syntax of set_indicator_formatter. It’s .js method. Template is not required for this.
e.g. Check Purchase Order .js

here is the syntax of set_indicator_formatter

@Sangram Can you explain why even in purchase order is loaded a form_grid_template? Is not required?

Where ?

Just write your script in .js file as per given example and check.

@Sangram check

I think it shouldn’t work …the js method make a replacement in color indicator spam tag …but, as far as i know it’s not there in default form_grid

Have you tried anything?

@Sangram I tried using form_grid_template load but it seems not working …going to try using js …but not convinced it could work …

@Sangram it doesn’t work

Please share your script.

I got the problem …it’s because i’m using GitHub - techmaxsolucoes/title_links: Frappe Hack: Links using related title, instead of name to format links …need to fix it in some way …


Hi JoEz,
did you fix the above challange? as you are working on PO. i also have few thoughts and challenges see if you can help me with that.

  1. is there a way we can define a default UOM for PO and Different UOM for POS?
  2. in the POS can we do the update of master data once the invoice is settled?
  3. also can we manage to minimize the use of Mouse and assign Key shortcuts for POS?

Thanks in Advance

@adnan please open a new post for that, i’m closing this as i fixed.