Customizing Item Group doctype field "item group name" not working for translatable in v15.14.6

after customizing the “item group” doctype and changing the “item group name” field to translatable the change does not seems to be picked up. After changing it, closing it, and reopening it, it is not checked “translatable” as depicted (checkbox in lower right corner of image).

If I then reopen (pressing customizing again), going to details tab, selecting the actual field to open it in details, it shows “translatable” as selected.

Anything I missed?

Hi @fixundfertig123,

If you turn on developer mode, you’re allowed to modify anything in the core doctype. But if it’s not enabled, you can’t make changes directly to the core doctype. However, you can still customize it using the customization form. Just remember, these two options offer different ways to view and edit things.

Thank You!

Thank you @NCP for the quick reply!
My fault, I was not precise and I did customize the form and not the doctype.
I just reviewed the code a bit and realized that the field is hidden in source code:

May it be possible that the field is hidden, since the item_group_name field is unique and can only be modified via rename, but the modal rename editing form does not include the translate option?
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Hi @fixundfertig123,

When you make a new Item Group, you can change it later. Once you’ve made the Item Group, if you want to give it a new name, just click on its title and rename it, as long as renaming is allowed in the document type.

Option will not show in rename time.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP ,

thank you for you answer. Sorry, I am not sure if I was precise enough.

I want to get the following result:

  • Create new “item group” entries each with different multi-language “item group names”

Therefore I customized the field “item group name” in the form of “item group” and checked the “Translatable” attribute and saved it.

As expected, you cannot create translations for any field within a newly, yet only drafted, “item group” (the icon is visible but not clickable). To my understanding the “item group” has to be saved at least once before you can use the translatable option. However, after saving the item group and reopening the item group in order to edit/translate the “item group name” you can only rename it and the translatable option is not available any more. This is not expected behaviour?!

Kind regards

Because Item Gropp Name is the id field and for the ID field, the feature is not available yet on creation time but if you want to add a multi-language item group name then you can use the Translation doctype.

Please check the image.

Thank You!

Hi @NCP, thank you very much for your support!