Customizing journal entries

Is it possible to add an extra column to “Accounting Entries” table.

I need to add “Remark” column for the line wise user remarks.


There is already a field at each line level called “User Remark” in the Child table of the Journal entry.

To display it as a column, go to Customize Form > Select Journal Entry Account, and expand the “User Remark” row. Check “In List View” as shown below.

Hope this helps.

@michelle Thank You,
I have done this, but still it doesn’t see as a column,:sob: (version-12) another idea ?

Expand the Debit and Credit column and change the column width to 1 instead of 2.

Now try and let us know if it works…

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Wow, it’s working perfectly, thank you very much :heart_eyes:

Thank you Michelle. Worked great for me too. The line item comments are a really useful feature. Not sure though how it will look up in the GL, specially if line item comments are written and at the same time User Comment on the Journal Entry Form is also written.

But, thanks anyway for a great tip.

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Consider Test 1 as a comment on line 1 and Test 2 as a comment on line 2. Test 3 is the comment on the entire form. It’ll look as follows:

Hope this helps.

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Very helpful.
My problem is that if an account is used more than one time in the same journal the general ledger will consolidate it. in this case users remarks couldn’t see the remark.

Any ideas.

Thank youi

Hi Michelle
here can we set the Cost Center of Accounts Dimension as mandatory? if it can then please tell me the way of doing it.