Customizing Quotations

Hello all,

I’m a new user and trying out the product. I like the versatility, but it definitely is hard to get around, for someone who is not particularly knowledgeable in IT.

My question is with regard to Quotations. I have a new form that I customized. I would like to know how to change the terms (Quantities vs Quantity in the item colum for example) and also get rid of the UOM before the quantity, eg: Eggs - nos 12.

That is all,

Thank you!


Welcome Olivier,

Does this give you some idea -

My thanks, John!

For the records, I clicked “Print hide” on all 3 UOM, uom-conversion and
uom stock (or something along those lines), so the “nos” or UOM wouldn’t
show on the quotation.

Olivier Lepage
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Sorry you lost me there I am a learner…

There’s no question this is a swiss army knife that demands considerable skill patience and caution but then lots of rewards too.

Have fun…