Customizing sales order item not working in VM v5

When I try to customize Sales Order Item form by adding “Image View” to “In list view” it does not seem to have any effect. Same with other fields. If I try to remove rate, amount from “In list view” it is still showing up there.



May I ask where are you expecting effect of “Is List View”?

For the child table, like Item table in Sales Order, in the collapsed view, value of five fields will be shown. These five fields should have “In List View” checked. Perhaps you have more than five fields checked “In List View”.

Check “In List View” will not have any effect in the Sales Order list.

Umair, thanks for replying.

I am expecting the field to appear in the collapsed view of item table in Sales Order. In fact I suspected that there are too many fields in the collapsed view, so I tried and unchecked “In list view” from ‘Rate’ and ‘Amount’ fields. But neither these fields are getting removed after unchecking nor the new field is appearing in the collapsed view.

@satishguptajaipur, in list view is not strictly implemented in certain cases.