Customizing stock entry


In “stock entry” form, after we submit the entry say of type material receipt, we can see “View” dropdown button on top in which two reports can be seens stock ledger and accounting ledger by default.

Now, I want to remove default “stock ledger” and want to add my own custom report named “stock ledger entry”. So, how can I do this?

Please go through this. You need to write custom script for stock entry and add page.add_inner_button. Please go through the following documentation.

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Thanks… this was helpful

One more thing. Now the same customized report i.e. “Stock Ledger Entry” I want to make appear on “/desk#modules/Stock” page under “Stock Reports” section and remove “Stock Ledger”. How can I do so?

You will have to change this file accordingly, but this is not a permanent solution. The file will get overwritten the next time you update. How ever you can set permissions to prevent or allow specific users to have access to ‘Stock Ledger Entry’